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Dr. Nader Abdelsayed & Associates

Certified OB-GYN in Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Nader Abdelsayed


Nader Abdelsayed is a board-certified OB-GYN physician. He’s been practicing in North Las Vegas since 2001. In 1986, he graduated from UCLA with a degree in psycho-biology and then went on to earn a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling at California State Los Angeles in 1988. Continuing his education, he then graduated from USC School of Medicine in 1992 and completed his residency program at White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. Abdelsayed, known by many as Dr. Nader, is married with two children. He came to Las Vegas over 20 years ago and lives in the Northwest region of Las Vegas with his wife and family. He is proud to serve the women of our community in the area of obstetrics and gynecology. With his easygoing and warm personality, his patients find him compassionate and understanding. That’s why he’s a favorite of old and young alike.

dr golnaz alemi


Dr. Alemi is honored to be able to provide excellent comprehensive health care to the women in our community. Her driving force in her career is to empower all women with the ability to access resources to improve their own health and the health of those around them. Dr. Alemi graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She then went on to attend Drexel University for medical school. She completed her OB-GYN residency in Las Vegas and soon found her home as part of the family at Dr. Nader and Associates. In both obstetrical care or gynecological services, Dr. Alemi strives to give each patient the best care possible. She is dedicated to her patients and their growing families. Dr. Alemi speaks Spanish and Farsi. 

dr kendra mahoney


Welcome Dr. Kendra Mahoney to the practice! Dr. Mahoney is a Southern California native who is excited to have made her way back West after completing all of her education along the Eastern Seaboard. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Brown University, opting to take time off from academia to work in various areas of healthcare before receiving her medical degree from Wake Forest School of Medicine. She went on to complete her residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Hartford, Connecticut after a brief stint in General Surgery in North Carolina. Dr. Mahoney is well-versed in Spanish, having studied the language in high school and college and interpreted throughout her college and medical school years.

Dr. Mahoney is dedicated to patient advocacy and educating patients about their health so that they better understand their bodies and the changes they may encounter as they progress through and beyond their reproductive years. She is honored to serve the North Las Vegas community, and is looking forward to learning from and growing with the women who entrust their care to Dr. Nader and Associates.

In her limited free time, Dr. Mahoney enjoys reading, spending time with her loved ones and adventuring with her crazy energetic dog-child, Oliver.

Dr Kaser


Becoming an OB-GYN physician was a natural path for me with personal inspiration of a mother (OB RN) in the same field. I began my journey in medicine with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery from Mumbai University in India. I completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in Mumbai, India where my clinical training was focused on providing care to rural and underserved populations. This was followed by private practice in Mumbai, India.

I took a winding path to medicine in the United States with two years of residency in Internal Medicine at University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno, where I took care of the military and non-military population. In the pursuit of my unfazed passion for OB-GYN, I completed my residency training in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2020.

Our practice at Nader OB-GYN and associates is filled with kind, compassionate people and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such a warm community. Quite simply, we never stop learning, and we never stop caring.

It is utmost important to me that my patients feel they are being listened to carefully, to provide a thorough approach to each woman’s health and work together to address their issues. I am committed to patient education, to evidence-based practice, providing knowledge to empower them to make the best choices for their health. I enjoy guiding my patients through all stages of their lives, while helping every step of the way and keeping them healthy and well. I am not just a doctor—I am a mom and I understand what women go through when they are expecting.

Outside of work, I like to spend time hiking with my pillars (my husband, my little one and our newly adopted beagle who mostly sleeps), curl up with a good book, shop or even catch an occasional nap.

Simply put, I enjoy my small cameo in the most magnificent moment in a woman’s life. I must say the days are long and I love every minute of it.

Doctor Toad Stearns


Dr. Todd Stearns joins Dr Nader and Associates after 6 years of experience practicing Ob/Gyn in Philadelphia and Colorado. He received his undergraduate degree from the U.S. Air Force Academy and served as an Air Force Officer in the Asian-Pacific theater, before finding his true calling to enter medical school at Touro uUniverity Nevada. Ob/Gyn residency followed thereafter in both New York City and Philadelphia, where he graduated from Temple University Hospital’s Ob/Gyn residency program. After slowly migrated back west, Dr. Stearns landed back in Las Vegas where, when not delivering babies, he can be found mountain biking or snowboarding.

Dr Golin


Thomas Golin is a skilled and accomplished OB-GYN caring for the North Las Vegas, NV community. Dr. Golin obtained his medical degree from Cornell University. He also completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Vanderbilt University. 

Dr. Golin is a part of Dr. Nader Abdelsayed & Associates and has been in practice since 1987. Outside of his practice, he enjoys playing piano and hiking with his wife, Linda at Red Rock Canyon.

Patients trust Dr. Golin's expertise because he consistently provides high quality care that leads to positive and lasting health outcomes. He is sensitive to the uniqueness of each patient's situation and adapts his consultations and treatment options appropriately to accommodate individual needs and concern.


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